All Healing Begins With

Eliminating Your Own Poisons


Cleans: Eliminates: Expels Parasites: Contains:

• Liver

• Pancreas

• Digestive System Heartburn

• Cotton Mouth

• Bad Breath

• Gas

• Acid Reflux Amoebas

• Pinworm

• Angliso

• Gardias, etc Rhubarb

• Spanish Tea

• Senna

• Boldo

• Magnesium Sulfate



How do you use SBF Cleanse Detox?

When you purchase SBF Cleanse Detox, you receive two envelopes in the package; one for the first day and the other for 15 days later. 

Mix it with orange or pineapple juice in the morning and fast for three hours. 

It is recommended that you take it on a day when you will be at home as you will need to use the restroom regularly for three to four hours.


How does SBF Cleanse Detox work?

SBF Cleanse Detox is made up of ingredients with a high concentration of properties to purify the liver and cleanse your body.

Rhubarb Root: Rhubarb Root eliminates worms or intestinal parasites, promotes the healing of duodenal ulcers, collaborates with the gallbladder to prevent or eliminate grit or stones and is also well known for being a powerful antibiotic, similar to garlic. 

In addition to acting as a colon cleansing agent, rhubarb root protects the tone of the colon, purges the bile, cleanses the blood and reduces body fat. It helps blood flow and is good against blood stagnation associated with bruising. Rhubarb is also used to fight infections, remove schistosomes, help against disorders of the colon, spleen and liver and heal ulcers of the duodenum. 

Boldo: Boldo mainly acts as a liver cleanser and is used as a treatment against gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder. Boldine acts as a protective property of the liver and stimulates the secretion of bile. This is essential to the digestion process since it creates very small particles that can be more easily processed by gastric acids and fatty acids. Boldo is considered to be one of the best herbal medicines for many digestive disorders such as inflammation and heartburn caused by the acidity and low absorption of nutrients into the stomach and intestines. 

It is also used to improve the detoxification of the liver and protect it against damage caused by toxins and drugs that may have a detrimental effect on the liver 

Boldo consumption stimulates the production of bile (it can double the flow of bile) and fluid output from the gallbladder, which promotes healthy digestion and aides in combatting symptoms derived from a malfunction of the liver or gallbladder (flatulence and intestinal spasms). 

It is suitable and ideal for removing fat in the liver, helping in cases of fatty liver, as its properties help the body to properly perform its functions and cell regeneration. It's known for being a true protector of the liver. 

Spanish Tea: The main active component of Paico is an essential oil which benefits the nervous system. It is found in the hairs of leaves, flowers and fruits and benefits the nervous system, combats menstrual delays and aides against respiratory diseases. Its most important virtues are associated to help against digestive disorders, reducing intestinal gas and regulating all digestive functions. 

Magnesium Sulfate: Magnesium Sulfate, scientifically known as hydrated magnesium sulfate, is a very old, effective agent. Magnesium is not readily absorbed through the stomach, but rather through the skin, making it ideal for baths to aide in:

• Protection of brain tissue

• Strengthening proteins in joints

• Strengthening the walls of the digestive tract

• Detoxification of the body from the effect of drugs, environmental heavy metals and contaminants


Senna: Senna contains glycosides, which are a group of organic compounds that are commonly found in plants. These compounds function as a laxative to soften muscles as digested food moves through the intestines. This helps increase the volume of stool and move it out the colon. The process is caused by chain fatty acids that promote digestion, fermentation and successfully converts glucosides to a pergative agent.



**This program is completely natural. Results may very.

If you suffer from a severe health condition, consult your doctor before using.




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